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Real Estate Salesperson Exam Prep OnDemand Course

Price: $199.00   $159.20

Nobody prepares you for test day like Kaplan!

Exam prep is the most accurate predictor of whether you are ready for the actual California licensing exam. This instructionally designed course combines solid industry principles with the latest state-specific information students need to pass the California licensing exam.

In this course, you will take two full practice exams, review the principles of real property law, land use controls, environmental issues, and how real property is legally described. You will also review the rights and interests you receive in real property as an owner or a tenant, how they are properly recorded, and how ownership is transferred. From the basic principles of contracts to financing, you will cover it all. Your time is valuable–don't waste it on unproven exam prep courses. Enroll today!

Topics Include:

  • Diagnostic Pre-Test Analysis
  • Valuation and Market Analysis
  • Financing
  • Contracts
  • Property Ownership
  • Transfer of Title
  • Land-Use Controls and Regulations
  • Law of Agency and Mandated Disclosures
  • Practice of Real Estate
  • Specialty Areas
  • Commission Duties and Powers
  • Licensing
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Diagnostic Post-Test
  • Exam Strategies

Key Points:

  • Dynamic OnDemand Instruction
  • 70 years of Exam Prep experience loaded into one great package
  • Be fully prepared for Exam Day with this Package
Price: $199.00   $159.20