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California 15-Hour First Renewal OnDemand Course Package

Price: $49.00   $39.20

Credit Hours : 15.00

Topics that all brokers need to know.

This package is delivered in our stunning OnDemand video lecture format. With Kaplan's OnDemand video lectures, you have the ability to access professional instruction anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection! Filled with studio and "onsite" video learning objectives, this OnDemand course engages, enlightens, and entertains!

This 15-hour suite of courses will provide you with an increased understanding of agency law, federal and state Fair Housing laws, ethical behavior in real estate practice, legal and regulatory requirements for receiving and handing trust funds and how to minimize risks in your real estate practice.


Agency (3 Credit Hours)–The fundamentals of Agency law are explained in clear and concise manner.  Topics such as the basic law that governs the relationship between a broker and a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction will be discussed.  Special focus is given to correct agency disclosure.

Fair Housing (3 Credit Hours)–This course covers the federal and state Fair Housing Laws relating to the sale and rental of property, civil rights, and anti-discrimination laws. A discussion of the accordance of practices considered discriminatory and the importance of affirmative compliance is also included.

California Risk Management (3 Credit Hours)–This course covers many areas that present the greatest liability risks to licensees, and suggests practices that will help limit such risks. Topics discussed in this course include risks associated with property condition and disclosures, conflicts of interest, and Fair Housing and Antitrust Laws.

Ethics and Professional Conduct (3 Credit Hours)–This course discusses required ethical behavior in real estate practice. It begins with an introduction to the concept of ethics and details real estate law and the commissioners' regulations as they pertain to ethics. Case studies and examples are included.

Trust Fund Handling (3 Credit Hours)–Are you familiar with legal and regulatory requirements for receiving and handling trust funds, and the requisites for maintaining a trust fund account? If not, this course can help explain these ideas and many more.

Key Points:

  • Study whenever or wherever it is convenient for you
  • Review pertinent topics to keep you in compliance with current laws and regulations
Price: $49.00   $39.20