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California Broker Management and Supervision Home Study Course (3-Credit Hours)

Price: $14.00   $11.20

Credit Hours : 3.00

Required Continuing Education Course for Your Broker Renewal

Effective January 1, 2016, all broker licensees are required to complete a 3-hour continuing education course in the management of real estate offices and in supervision of real estate activities. This course will fulfill your requirement.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Broker Management and Supervision
  • Broker Supervision of All Transactions
  • Proper Filing, Storage, and Maintenance of Documents
  • Proper Handling of Trust Funds
  • Advertising Services for Which a License is required
  • Familiarizing Salespeople with the Requirements of Discrimination Laws
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Branch and Division Managers

Key Points:

  • Fulfills your required 3-hour broker supervision requirement
  • Review your responsibility in supervising transactions
  • Understand proper maintenance of documents
Price: $14.00   $11.20